KNOW THE FACTS: Town of Vernon/Village of Mukwonago Border Agreement Informational Meetings Set for February 26th & March 26th (5pm-7pm at Town Hall)  NEW: Wednesday, February 27th Meeting Date Added!

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NEW: Proposed Border Agreement Map TOV/VMUK 11-28-2018 
(posted 2/25/19)

February 15, 2019

From:  Vernon Town Board

To:  Town of Vernon Residents

Purpose: Town of Vernon/Village of Mukwonago Border Agreement Informational Meetings


~ Know the Facts ~

The Vernon Town Board welcomes and invites you to attend a public informational meeting to discuss the Town of Vernon/Village of Mukwonago Border Agreement.  This will give residents an opportunity to talk with members of the Town Board on a one-on-one basis to discuss this very important agreement.  Unfortunately, there has been much fear mongering and misinformation distributed about the Town of Vernon /Village of Mukwonago Border Agreement:

AccusationNo notices were given to Town residents. 
Response:  In the 2017 Summer Newsletter, which was mailed to all Town residents and available via the Town of Vernon website (  under Town Newsletters, the Town Clerk drafted an article with a map informing our residents that the Vernon Town Board was discussing this issue with the Village of Mukwonago.  The Town received one phone call in response to that article from a resident that lived in the River Oak Subdivision.  The Town of Vernon/Village of Mukwonago Board Agreement is listed on numerous agendas and minutes, which were posted inside and outside the Town Hall and are also available on-line via the Town of Vernon website.  The Town of Vernon’s Town Board meetings are the first and third Thursdays of the month.  Meetings are broadcast LIVE on Spectrum Channel 25/15.25, or if you have a smart TV on Channel 97.25.  Meetings are rebroadcasted daily at Noon, 5:00 pm, 10:00 pm and 3:00 am.  You can also livestream and view past meetings on YouTube.  Audio files are also available on the Town of Vernon’s website located under the Document Center tab. 

Accusation: Too much acreage was given away in the Border Agreement by the present Town Board.
Response:  Since 2002, both the Village of Mukwonago and Village of Big Bend have annexed over 3700+ acres of the Town of Vernon. This is more than 15.5 % of the Town’s total acreage and amounts to almost six (6) full sections.  To reach any agreement, you have to give something to get something and the Town Board gave as little as possible. All things considered, the Town and Village Boards were able to reach an agreement where we minimized the loss of sections to only half of what a previous Town Board had negotiated in a draft document with the Villages of Mukwonago and Big Bend.  The Town of Vernon website has a complete history of all the annexations that have occurred in the Town of Vernon on its website under Annexation History found both under the Residents tab as well as the Document Center tab.  

Accusation:  Property owners of a town cannot be annexed without their consent.
Response: In the Fickau Annexation, there were residents that did not sign the petition for annexation and did not want to be part of the annexation.  They were forced into the annexation and had no legal recourse to remain in the Town of Vernon.   The Town board has received many requests from Village of Big Bend residents asking to come back to the Town.  Although the Town of Vernon would welcome them back to Vernon, the only way a property owner can return to the Town is if a Village or City grants them permission to return.

Accusation: The Town Chairman was incorrect and misleading in stating the facts when he read several documents pertaining to the Fickau Annexation.
Response: The Town Chairman read verbatim what was stated in each document that he presented.  These documents are available for public viewing at the Vernon Town Hall during regular business hours 8:00am – 3:30pm. 

Accusation: The Town Chairman’s recollections of the Fickau Annexation, Vernon’s attempt to incorporate, and the attempt to consolidate with Big Bend are incorrect and misleading.
Response:  These documents are also available for public viewing at the Vernon Town Hall.  When you consider the fact that expenditures exceeded over $100,000+ on this misadventure, they themselves testify to validity of that previous board’s efforts to make their goal of consolidation with Big Bend a reality--which ultimately would have saddled the former residents of Vernon with financing sewer and water for the Big Bend sewer district located in the environs of the I43 and HWY164 interchange. It should also be noted that over $102,000.00+ was spent on engineering and legal fees for the proposed consolidation of Vernon and Big Bend.  
Additional Facts:

  1. A Border Agreement has been established which ‘stops’ forced annexations by Mukwonago.  This is not an annexation agreement.
  2. A Border Agreement assures that we can plan our future without concerns for random taking of land.
  3. A referendum petition on the Border Agreement was recently circulated through part, if not all of the Town.  It is non-binding in the sense that the referendum would not reverse the border agreement, which has been completed with the Village of Mukwonago.  The petitioners failed to provide the verbiage to be voted on, as well as failed to tell the taxpayers what the cost will be, since the petition was delivered too late to be included on the April ballot.  It is anticipated that the cost for the non-binding referendum special election will cost over $3,000+.
Please Join The Vernon Town Board For A Public Informational Meeting:
Tuesday, February 26th ­ 5pm-7pm  – or –  Tuesday,­ March 26th ­ 5pm-7pm
Wednesday, February 27th 5pm-7pm
(day added due to misprint on original letter)  
Vernon Town Hall – W249S8910 Center Drive
We look forward to discussing the Town of Vernon/Village of Mukwonago
Border Agreement with you personally.



Thomas G. Bird, Town Chairperson                            Jeff Millies, Supervisor #1


Gary Wilde, Supervisor #2                                          Ed Moline, Supervisor #3


William Craig, Supervisor #4