Storm Water Management

As part of meeting new state and federal requirements for storm water management, the Town’s Engineers, Foth Infrastructure and Environment, LLC, have developed a storm water management plan that addresses permit requirements along with mapping general storm water management features.  The plan addresses the following:

Public Education and Outreach - The Town actively promotes increasing awareness of storm water impacts on streams and wetlands.  Guidelines on how you can help protect our land and water can be found at the Town Hall, Storm Water Educational Info via our website or in the Vernon View (semi-annual Town Newsletter) 

Public Involvement and Participation - The Town encourages input and participation from the public on storm water management issues.  Input can be given and questions answered by contacting the Town Engineer.  Participation opportunities (such as storm drain stenciling, etc.) are also communicated through the newsletter and website.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination- The discharge of pollutants (sanitary waste, spills, etc.) into the storm water drainage system is undesirable and illegal.  If you see a questionable discharge don’t hesitate to contact the Town immediately.

Construction Site Pollution Control – The Town has long been active in erosion control efforts and has adopted and implemented Waukesha County’s Erosion Control Ordinance.

Post-Construction Site Storm Water Management – The need for proper storm water management extends long past the construction phase.  The Town has recognized that need by adopting and implementing Waukesha County’s Post Construction Storm Water Management Ordinance.

Pollution Prevention – Documentation shows that the Town has a solid record of properly maintaining municipally-owned facilities and shall continue to do so.

Storm Water Quality Management - The Town’s engineers have modeled the storm water features of the Town to determine what performance now exists, and what additional facilities (such as ponds) must be constructed to meet the new requirements.

Storm Sewer System Map - Every storm sewer and major ditch/culvert outfall in the study area has been mapped, including drainage basins contributing to each outfall.

Annual Reports – The Town’s engineers submit annual reports to the WDNR, documenting status of permitted responsibilities.

The Town will provide additional information about this program as we move forward.  With your awareness and participation, storm water runoff will be improved and the program will be successful in meeting regulations and improving our valuable water resources.